Staying in with Fable

By: Raven

Don’t get me wrong – I love getting dressed up and going out. But sometimes, pulling on your favorite tie-dye sweatpants and staying in feels deliciously indulgent. Or, after the past year, it feels like the best sort of routine. I love pulling some of my best friends in on the fun and settling in for a relaxing, giggle-filled evening. It really has become my favorite way to unwind when life starts to feel a bit on the stressful side.

The last time I had my girlfriends over for a night in, I decided up my game a bit. No girls night is complete without delicious beverages and a selection of finger foods. So, for something a bit different, I included Fable in our beverage line-up…little did I know it would become an instant hit. I initially had Sasha and Jenny in mind when adding these bottles in (both went alcohol-free this past year for personal reasons), but honestly by the end of the night, everyone had tried each flavor and selected their personal favorites that they vibed with best. Slow sipping on the rocks, or mixed with fizzy water and a twist of citrus – everyone had their own opinions on serving them too!

As we each enjoyed our beverages of choice and began catching up on life, the food wasn’t far behind. The whole goal of these nights is to keep the mood light and bubbly, so as far as a menu goes, I never really focus on a main meal or dinner menu. Our casual crowd loves their snacks! Think happy hour, but in sweats at home.

Kettle style chips? Yes, please.

Hummus and artichoke dip? Oh yeah!

Dark chocolate brownies? Do you even need to ask?

Major plus: our finger foods actually paired really well with the complex Fable flavors. The artichoke dip was ah-mazing alongside the piney notes from Into The Woods. And the brownies? Divine with Night Flight.

We spent the night between the kitchen counter and the couch, chatting and giggling our way into the early hours of the morning. If I may, a tip: pull out as many extra pillows, blankets, and sleeping bags as you can muster up. They come in handy more often than you would think!

Besides, who says slumber parties are just for kids?

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