Kicking back with friends and Fable

By: Maggie and Jordan

We love to entertain. And, as the weather started heating back up, we were itching to show our buddies a good time with a backyard barbecue hangout. So, we got the group text going, set our string lights up, cleaned out the fire pit, and prepared for a night outside with our friends. Really, does it get better?

We’re foodies at heart, so picking out a solid spread of food and drink was half the fun. Of course, we’d have great food coming off the grill (hello burgers, bratwursts, and portabella mushrooms!) later in the evening, but in all honesty, isn’t the drink selection where the party always starts?

So, on the afternoon of our get together we brought out the big ice chest and nestled in our favorite beverages: some local craft beer from Avery, La Croix, white wine, and Fable for something a bit different. Not all of our friends are big beer or wine drinkers, so we wanted to have something for those who aren’t too keen on drinking alcohol (or are maybe trying to cut back). Fable fit the bill smashingly for an alternative that still had that social element.

Our friends started filtering in around 5ish. Hugs, some banter...SO. MANY. LAUGHS. We wanted to keep things casual yet social - and the backyard was the perfect place for this. And, as anticipated, the drink cooler became the first stop for everyone before resuming conversation. Some of our more sober-curious friends opted for Fable, and to make things a bit more fun, we set up a small drink station beside the cooler. That way, they could choose to drink Fable chilled and straight up, mix with a sparkling beverage, or even a twist of citrus for a slightly different vibe. A definite you-do-you moment.

As the evening wore on, we got the fire pit and the grill going. Several beverages in, and gathered under twinkling lights around a fire pit, the giggles really started rolling in. Between catching up on life, work, and inside jokes, we were really just enjoying everyone’s company.

Our friends are into good food as well and when it came time to eat, the nuances of Fable really stood out for those who had it as their drink of choice. Kelly, who was drinking Hive Society, slathered blue cheese on her burger bun and could not stop talking about the insane flavor combination. The arugula and clementine salad really made those citrus notes in Best Zest pop - or at least that’s what Jasmine emphatically told everyone!

But really, having Fable as a choice in line-up for the night helped us keep things light, but not sloppy. Rave reviews from our friends - truly.

Backyard hangouts just got a lot more fun.

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