Getting formal with Fable

By: Jared and Yazmine

We’re total socialites.

Like everyone else, we’ve spent a looooot of time in sweatpants this past year, and were more than ready for an excuse to get fancy for an evening. So, we decided that hosting a formal dinner party would be just the right antidote. We drafted up some beautiful invitations, dug out our nice linens, and had our friends over for a formal affair, from the comfort of our home. Based on the reception that our initial invitations received, it sounds like we weren’t the only ones feeling a bit desperate for a nice night out!

Aside from dressing up in some swanky outfits and selecting the right decor, we knew the beverage line-up would be key to setting the mood for the evening early on. After all, isn’t your drink of choice the first detail in any social evening out? We of course had a nice selection of red and white wines, and some Prosecco on ice, but also chose to add some chilled bottles of Fable for intrigue and an exotic touch.

Of course, beverages are only one ingredient to a fabulous night out (or in). So, we let our imaginations run wild and constructed some truly epic charcuterie and cheese boards – with everything from triple creme brie, to lush honeycomb, herbed marcona almonds, kalamata olives, prosciutto, fresh fruit, and fig presentations.

And, because the Fable beverage was new to most, to add to the allure and encourage tasting play, we set our guests up with some pairing suggestion cards – arranged invitingly around the boards.

Night Flight

Tropical fruit flavors really amp up the spicy-sweet botanical blends in Night Flight. Pineapple, passionfruit, and mango will all highlight this brightly blended beverage. These fruits are complex in themselves and really don’t need much gussying up – just eat ‘em fresh! And hey – try some candied ginger, too. It’ll help to amplify that initial tingle as well.

Best Zest

Two words: citrus glaze. Drizzle it over a piece of fish, chicken, cheese, or vegan cheese – it’ll take flavor to the next level, while pulling in the orange and grapefruit notes from the beverage.

Hive Society

Stone fruit is your friend. Dig into that peach and basil salad with the balsamic reduction dressing – it’ll help these flavors really soar. When you’re ready for something sweet, the rustic plum and peach galette complement the honeyed jasmine tasting notes deliciously.

Into the Woods

Strong flavors play well with the piney and herbal notes of Into the Woods. Think: stinky blue cheese (or vegan cheese), rich dried fruits and figs, and even the bitterness of decadent dark chocolate. As you would with the drink, nibble slowly and savor alongside the beverage.

Planning a nice night in for your crew? Feel free to use our pairings! They were a hit.

Like us, our friends are foodies, and couldn’t resist the pairing suggestions. Truth be told, everyone loved them so much that most ended up at least trying Fable, just to get in on the full cheeseboard experience. By the time the main course rolled around, we had made a sizable dent in the boards, all the while keeping the mood light and laughter rolling.

Isn’t that the best way to head into a meal anyhow? With friends by your side and the warmth of truly enjoyed company.

We loved our at-home formal affair so much that we just may have to make a habit of it.

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