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How much THC is in Fable and are there any legality issues?

Fable has 12mg THC/6mg CBD per bottle, or a low dose of 4mg THC/2mg CBD per serving. Fable is sold in California, which has legalized recreational cannabis consumption.

What does drinking Fable feel like?

Drinking Fable is a layered experience–designed to unfold throughout your evening. It starts with an immediate THC tongue tingle, then spreads through your body after about 10 minutes, making for a delightful, buzzed sensation. You'll probably giggle a lot.

The experience is designed with a buildable effect, so whether you're comfortable with how you're feeling after one serving, or would like to expand your experience with another glass, you are in control.

First time trying cannabis? We are so glad you are! Our best recommendation is to take it easy and let your body adjust. Start with a single serving your first time.

Use good judgement - please don't drink and drive.

How is Fable best enjoyed?

Fable is best served chilled. We keep it in the refrigerator before enjoying and serve it in our favorite glasses on the rocks, with a fizzy beverage, with a twist, or even just by itself. These beverages can certainly stand alone!

We do not recommend mixing Fable with alcohol.

Once a bottle of Fable is opened, it should be consumed within 3-5 days - we use fresh ingredients and no preservatives.

Where can I find Fable?

Fable is available at select recreational cannabis dispensaries and lounges throughout California and will soon be available for delivery to adults 21 and over in California.

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