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Bottle of Fable Best Zest and drink with orange and grapefruit

What a Curious Plan

Back in 2016 our founders Kristin and Benjamin Kennedy set out to create a new type of non-alcoholic adult beverage. Kristin began experimenting with bitters, sours and vinegar from the kitchen of their Denver home making non-alcoholic botanical cocktails for friends, family and neighbors.

"Some non-alcoholic drinks are nice but what's the point" was a statement heard from friends time and time again. Kristin and Ben knew that cannabis could be a natural, healthier way of bringing the "point" to a non-alcoholic drink. It just needed to taste as good as the alcoholic version. Those early experiments and formulas developed in their kitchen inspired our four varieties today.

Masterfully Crafted

Our product development team worked alongside a culinary council, comprising chefs, mixologists and food scientists to determine the exact flavor profiles within Fable. The team identified trends within ingredient & flavor profiles, consumer buying habits and emerging social responsibilities, to include sustainability and conservation.

Real Ingredients

We only use real ingredients in Fable. The sediment found at the bottom of Fable is representative of the fact that we only use ingredients of the highest quality. Whole plant extracts as opposed to chemicals or flavoring. You won't find sediment in seltzer water.

Pesticide & Chemical Free Sun-Grown Cannabis

Our cannabis is always sun-grown in California, free of both pesticides and chemicals. We source our cannabis from private farms in both Mendocino & Humboldt counties.

“We wanted to make a real drink with real ingredients, not a seltzer water or soda. A premium drink that truly offered an experience in consumption like that of a fine cocktail. A product people would drink intentionally"


How to Enjoy Fable

We invite you to enjoy Fable just as it comes, however, we will always insist you drink it chilled.

Two Fable cannabis beverages with ice on a table with snacks

Chilled or On The Rocks

Chilling Fable or drinking with ice will amplify the layered flavor profile.
Premium Fable THC cocktail in a glass with snacks


Garnish can accentuate Fables flavor, tie flavors together, contrast with them or perfectly complement them.
Fable cannabis infused cocktails being mixed on counter top


Mix Fable at your discretion. If you find a new cocktail, please share it with the Fable team so we can enjoy it too.
Cannabis for conservation logo

Fable is a Proud Cannabis for Conservation Partner

Cannabis for Conservation is a nonprofit whose mission is to conserve natural resources, restore degraded ecosystems, and educate communities to prevent further impacts from unsustainable cannabis cultivation.

Fable proudly supports CFC’s sustainability initiatives in California. If you’d like to support, you can take action here:


Our Botanical Ingredients

Authentic Ingredients

From field to sip, only the highest quality botanicals grace Fable bottles.

Lose the booze, not the party

The perfect match for anyone looking for a tantalizing alternative to alcohol.

Unrivaled Imbibing

Giggle harder. The intriguing tingle and buildable, predictable experience keeps you in control.

Unquenched desires?


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