Happy hour,

Rethink your drinking ritual with Fable — intentionally crafted, low-dose THC cocktails elevated by lush botanicals

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5:30 is the new 4/20

There’s something magical about enjoying a cocktail with good company. Fable provides an intentional alternative; opening your body to a delightful and controllable buzz with a low-dose cannabis infusion

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Our ears are tingling

“We really enjoy Fable because it’s a modern, sophisticated way to enjoy cannabis.”

— Larcey L.

“Best Zest is the perfect brunch complement! As refreshing as a mimosa with a relaxing feel.”

— Sean F.

“Fable has redefined happy hour for me and my friends. Always lively but never over the top.”

— Jenny D.

Explore a new imbibing experience

Never a means-to-an-end; each variety is crafted with a rich profile of lush botanicals for your palette to explore.

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Curious about a different way of drinking

We’re a husband-wife founder team, curious about providing new ways to enjoy social occasions removed from alcohol. Our THC-infused cocktails are intented to marry the occasion of alcohol with the intention of cannabis.

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Fable founders Ben & Kristin

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